Grand Strand Surfrider along with other volunteers have built numerous cigarette butt cannons to provide a place for smokers that visit our beaches to dispose of their cigarette butt once they leave the beach.  The aim of this project is to reduce the number of littered cigarettes thrown on the beach.  Cigarette butts contain harsh chemicals in cigarettes and filters that leach into the ocean and sand and contaminate our oceans.  Also many of the sea birds and ocean sea life mistake the cigarette butts as a food source and eat them.  This consumption of the cigarette butts often make the animals very sick and in some cases die.  The butt cannons have been placed at various beach accesses and jetty walk all along the Grand Strand to help  improve cigarette litter on the beaches.

You can download directions here to build your own Butt Cannon to help prevent cigarette butt litter.  It’s really easy and very inexpensive!

Build your own Butt Cannon!