Surfrider Grand Strand


The Impact of Your Donation

You’re just a couple clicks from providing much-needed support to our efforts to protect the oceans, waves and beaches we love.  Every donation, no matter the size, makes a difference and has a tremendous impact on our work.

For every $1.00 you give to Surfrider Foundation 87 cents goes directly to our programs and campaigns, 9 cents is invested to generate future income and 4 cents is devoted to our general and administrative operating costs.
Unrestricted support to the Surfrider Foundation gets us one step closer to our vision of Healthy Coasts and supports our efforts to:

 Preserve Beach Access

Prevent Beach Loss

Protect Special Places

Eliminate Ocean Water Pollution

Here are some examples of what your support will enable:

$20 pays for two water tests to make sure a day at the beach is healthy & safe

$25 provides bags and gloves to remove 500 pounds of trash from the beach

$50 provides bags and gloves to remove 1000 pounds of trash from the beach

$100 protects ¼ mile of U.S. coast through our beach preservation program

$500 educates 2,000 school children about recycling and keeping our waters clean

$1000 sends a Surfrider staff member to Washington DC to provide concrete, real-world testimony to inform and improve legislation on coastal issues

It is our goal to be the best possible stewards of your gift. Our efforts have garnered us recognition from the top charity watch groups including the Better Business Bureau, Charity Navigator and Guidestar.