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A volunteer shows handfuls of plastic trash found at the beach

Beach Cleanups

Litter prevention is key, but until we can stop all litter at the source, there will be a need for beach cleanups to protect coastal habitats and keep our beaches enjoyable to visit.


Solo Beach Cleanups

Conduct a DIY Solo cleanup while following CDC public health guidance, local beach access restrictions, and EPA recommendations for properly discarding used PPE items

Volunteers are strongly encouraged to collect data from all beach cleanups!


Help us keep track of what you collect by entering in your beach cleanup data. This data helps us identify trends and advocate for policy changes to prevent litter. 

Read below to learn how to log your data.



  • Create an account at If you belong to a chapter, be sure to select them as your affiliation. If not, no worries! Simply select Unaffiliated with a Surfrider Chapter or Club.

  • Download the beach cleanup datacard and collect information as you go. When the cards are completed, input your cleanup data at and help contribute to plastic pollution research.